Vertical Labret Piercing

The vertical labret piercing is the type of piercing in which the lower bead would be the exact same place where a typical labret piercing would be, which is exactly below the lip. The difference is that rather than going through to the interior of the mouth, it travels in the upper direction appearing at the top or even a bit forward on the lower lip. With this kind of piercings, you will can see each sides of it. Many people choose a curved barbell as jewelry in such piercings.

vertical labret piercing

Before Getting It Done.

Before getting it done, there are a few things you need to do.

  1. The first thing is you should do is to search around for the best piercer. Talk with people around you and see if any of them can recommend you to a great piercer. It is always better to pay attention to the experience of people you know rather than going only by indifferent recommendations.
  2. Once you have accomplished this, you should directly go and visit the place that this person operates. This will give you various idea regarding the type of procedures that they have and also the degree of cleanliness they maintain.
  3. The next action would be to learn the care that is needed once the procedure is performed. You have to be ready for this in terms of time off from work or any such responsibilities you might have. Also identify which is the exact place of the piercings that benefits you and mark it out.

Note: It is exciting to get such a noticeable and appealing piercings. You need consider to make this decision. It is not a thing that you will can conceal at will. It could influence your professional life. This means they have an affect on your personal life also. Do discuss it out with people at workplace to see how the impact and people in your life. Ask them how will they think it will affect your personal and intimate life.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vertical Labret Piercings

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of vertical labret piercings:


It offers not just an unique visual look than the standard labret piercings. There are a few advantages it offer as well. It’s necessary to recognize that typical labret piercings need to have a hole on the inside of the mouth. The back of the jewelry will be near the gum line. Therefore,it will cause you to damage it. An additional issue is that it can damage your teeths. With vertical labret piercings, none of the jewelry is seated inside your mouth. The barbell will go through the lip, from top to the bottom. It offers more comfort and reduced the risk to any gum or teeth damage.


However, vertical labret piercings may take much longer time to recover. It is more sensitive and needs more aftercare compare to others. Certain foods can aggravate the piercings. Therefore,you need to be mindful throughout the recovery process. Once it’s recovered, it offers special visual look and it poses less risk to your tissue.

Vertical Labret Piercings Procedure

Vertical labret piercings procedure is a rather simple and it usually doesn’t take long.

  1. Your lip will be marked and evaluated.
  2. A clamp will be put to use before the needle is placed. The actual piercings are made using a needle. The entire procedure takes about few seconds so it’s finished rather quickly.
  3. Usually, the procedure is done from bottom up,by using a 16g needle. The pain baseds on your tolerance level. It is normally not that bad and it’s quickly finished.
  4. The most typical jewelry used is a barbell. It’s okay to select between straight and curved barbells. Curved barbells are usually more comfortable and much easier to wear, particularly during the recovery process.

Here is a short clip of the procedure:

Note: While the procedure is uncomplicated,one common issue is swelling. Be ready for a lot of swelling after the procedure. This is why most piercers encourage lengthier barbells for your first piercings. The swelling should last for a few days.Therefore you need to follow the aftercare guidelines meticulously.

Usually, the recovery period requires 8 to 10 weeks. Ensure to clean your piercings numerous times a day. Sea salt solution functions the best.

Beside that,you can use a normal salt solution or a moderate antibacterial soap. It’s essential to touch your jewelry as little as possible. Make sure you don’t turn it and don’t play with it. It is okay to lay a finger on it only while you’re washing your piercings and then leave it alone.

Vertical Labret Piercing Jewelry

As it is not the most popular piercings, it’s difficult to look for vertical labret piercing jewelry. Fortunately, it’s completely comfortable to wear standard jewelry made for various piercing types. Therefore, it’s not hard to look for appropriate jewelry for your vertical labret.

Straight and curved barbells seem to function the best. There are various styles to select from. You can get the basic and stylish barbells or the more fancy styles. Most of the times, the lip jewelry are often straightforward yet effective.

When selecting jewelry for yourself, remember to purchase at reputable outlets. It’s crucial to use only high-quality, body-safe jewelry. Another thing to remember is the barbell length- it will mostly your lip rely on.

Vertical Labret Piercing Aftercare

Here are some vertical labret piercing aftercare to follow to speed up the healing process.

  1. Wash your hands before touching the piercing
  2. Soak a cotton ball in warm salt solution.After that,you need to dab the pierced region two times a day gently.
  3. Wash the piercings with a moderate soap while taking a bath
  4. Minimize the usage of lip gloss, gels, or medicines on the pierced bottom lip
  5. Avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcoholic drinks
  6. Brush or floss your teeths meticulously to avoid the lower lip from getting damaged

Vertical Labret Piercing Infection And Complications

There are vertical labret piercing infection and complications to look out for. Although itching and inflammation occur normally during the recovery period. If there is a pus discharge you should instantly seek for medical attention to prevent any other problem. If you are not using a proper-fitting jewelry, then the possibility of rejection increases.

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