Double Nose Piercing

A double nose piercing means getting piercings carried out on both the left and right nostrils. You can also have them completed all at once, or you can have one completed first then have the other one done a month or two afterwards when the first piercing recover. If properly done by an expert, the piercings must not be painful, and all you will experience is a plain discomfort and a bit of pain for a couple of days right after the procedure.

Get a piercer. If possible from a reputable piercing outlet, who carries out doubles to ensure that you have them both lined up correctly. Nevertheless, you may also prefer to take into consideration how much room you have in each nostril.

Often times you will discover that you have even more space on one nostril than the other. Your nose maybe a little uneven, similar to other body parts tend to be. Also, you would need to have them adjusted . This will make sure you are comfortable.

Having your nose piercings carried out all at once minimizes the amount of discomfort you are very likely to experience. However they could be a huge pain to clean. Assuming that you have them completed together, when you attempt to clean one nostril you will need to considerably irritate the other nostril at the same time. You may want to think about having one carried out first to enable them opportunity to recover.

Double Nose Piercing

Why have a Double Nose Piercing?

Out of all the piercings you can get, why have a double nose piercing? Nose piercings have been performed in numerous native communities. It has been related to sexual, emotional as well as romantic propositions. They were not just used for beautifying reasons, it is also for adding in value, particularly in the marriage life. The occultists also strongly believed that the sixth sense of a person is positioned above the upper end of a person’s nose. It is strongly believed to be the focal point from where brain waves are released, and was looked at being a breathing regulator by supporting in the expulsion of carbon dioxide. The practice and objective viewpoint behind having a nose piercing is diverse for each culture, but the running concept from all of them is that it is a great way of increasing the beauty of a female.

An additional popular irrefutable factor for getting your nose pierced on one or each nostrils is the close connection between the nose and sexual reflexes. In India, the first and quickest method to predict a person’s attitude is to take a look at their nose.

In ancient times, it was believed that the nose and the genital regions of both men and females were linked and specific actions could boost or help to solve problems in the genital areas. In health-related terms, in the course of sexual pleasure, the nasal spongy tissues swell and the nose gets clogged. Piercing your nose on both sides has been thought to enhance sexual stimulation and boost arousal both in males and females.

Double Nose Piercing Same Side

If you are the type of people searching for something that attract attention more than a single ring or stud, you may be pleased having a double nose piercing on the same side of your nose. This usually involves a pair of rings or studs on the right or left nostril.

Rings however require less space on the nose compared with studs and if you plan to switch over between studs and rings periodically, careful planning should be done to make sure being compatible of both of them.

Having one piercing near to the nose tip and the other one near to the cheek. It will give the best alternatives but if you choose a more subtle effect, you may want to decrease the distance between the two piercings by positioning them close together.

After cleaning up the inside of your nose with an antibacterial swab, the piercer will guide your decision-making procedure by making two small dots on your nostrils with a pen. The piercer is going to move the dots around and change the distance between the two until you love the results after which she will then continue to pierce the hole( s) with a piercing needle.

Double Nose Piercing Procedure

Here is the double nose piercing procedure to look forward to for this variation of double piercing of the nose when you are at the piercer’s store (or studio if you love):

  1. Cleaning: The piercer will use an antibacterial swab to clean the nostril on which you like the piercing to be positioned.
  2. Marking: the piercer will then use a marking pen to make tiny dots on your nose and will readjust their settings to your desire until you love their positioning. If it is your second piercing, only one dot will be required.
  3. Cork: The piercer will then place a cork inside the nostril for safety objectives; this avoids unintentional piercing to the septum.
  4. Piercing: Next a brand-new sterile needle will be utilized to poke a hole into the nostril precisely on the formerly marked dot( s).
  5. Placing the jewelry: The final step is to placed in a nose stud, screw or ring. First the cork is taken out just before passing the jewelry through the hoop of the needle.

Certain piercers will make the two piercings on the nostril back to back. The second piercing should preferably be undertaken after the first one. This allows some time to recover.

Double Nose Piercing Advantages And Disadvantages

There are a few double nose piercing advantages and disadvantages you need to know.


  1. Piercing your left or right nostril gives you a cool, trendy appearance.
  2. Being the commonest of all piercings, it creates very little pain while involving less recovery period.
  3. A wide range of awesome and cute looking jewelry are readily available to adorn your nose.
  4. You can get rid of the jewelry when you do not hope for it, without causing a mark.


  1. Nose piercings go against the decorum of many workplaces, causing difficulty to the wearer.
  2. The ring could come out while carrying out daily tasks.
  3. There is a high possibility of the hole getting infected causing bleeding or discomfort.

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