Collar Bone Piercing

Getting a collar bone piercing is definitely not for everyone. It is still a somewhat unique procedure in the piercing world. Nevertheless, the daring types of self expression in these modern times have also leveled up.

It is identified to become stylish, thug and awesome for teenagers and grownups likewise. It has become a common fashion style to see people sporting an edgy attire and wearing their various piercings . You can proudly showing it off to reveal their uniqueness with it.

While it is certainly another channel for revealing one’s appearance, it is more useful if you consider considering your choices and giving it time to find out about the outcomes and problems. This is to avoid having dissatisfactions in the long run.

If the objective is to show your special sense of style and elegance, you need to make yourself mindful of how you must get yourself ready for the procedure.

Listed below is an useful overview this piercing. We will show you how the actual piercing is performed and the aftercare guidelines on ways to keep it clean and free from infection!

collar bone piercing

How Safe Is a Collar Bone Piercing Procedure

Before the procedure is performed,you need to know how safe is a collar bone piercing procedure. You need to get an appointment and conversation with a qualified body piercing professional. The procedure is certainly costly. This is because only the qualified and skilled are permitted to perform it. Do not entrust your safety with a beginner because it is a skill that is not learned instantly and offered cheap. Do not believe in anyone who will offer their service at a cheaper rate. You do not want your health and wellness is at danger. Consult carefully how many customers he/she has had and about the methods they use. This is to assure your safety before the piercing session start. The important aspect of the procedure is how they will insert the jewelry into the selected place and to keep it secure. Also,placed at the correct angle and stay on the skin with no fear of having any problems from its fragile entry and exit points. This is the primary difference why only a skilled professional is allowed to perform it.

Collar Bone Piercing Pain

You might experienced collar bone piercing pain. It will hurt less if you have a high pain threshold. Minor bleeding occurs soon after the piercing is done, but it stops after a while.

Collar Bone Piercing Aftercare

Here are the collar bone piercing aftercare you must follow:

  1. Clean your hands completely prior to contacting or washing the pierced area
  2. Dip a cotton ball in warm saline water and gently press it against the piercing
  3. Use a light soap to wash the piercing while showering
  4. Dry the pierced area using a clean paper towel
  5. Do not use any anti-bacterial solution to clean the pierced area
  6. Stay away from wearing high-neck dresses, neck scarves, and loosened necklaces that rub against the piercing
  7. Do not use cosmetics, ointments, gels, and moisturizers on the piercing
  8. Do not take out or change the jewelry

The Piercing Procedure

Here is an in-depth process of what one undergo in the piercing procedure.

  1. The whole process is easy and quickly performed. The piercer will then mark the entrance and exit point of the needle. For example, in your collar bone (4 small dots, 2 per each side) with a specially designed clamp. He or she will wipe clean the entire region with an antibacterial. Also, use freeze spray the anesthetic throughout and in the specific spot.
  2. Next part is to put in the needle from one end to another. This is to suit and close the jewelry (bar) in the different end of the insertion, and release the clamp and finish it with cleaning the entire spot with a saline solution. If it seems reddish, bruised and irritated, do not worry. This is normal and will diminish after a couple of hours. The piercing must look even and symmetrical once you check in the mirror.
  3. Warm saline soaks must be carried out continuously to help heal the skin and make the pierced spot quickly adapt to your lifestyle and comfort.

This is a short clip of how it is performed:

Here are things you need to follow before the procedure.

  1. Start your appointment date with a well balanced meal. When a body is under a stressful conditions, there is a big possibility that calories and sugar burn out rapidly.
  2. A square meal will ensure no woozy incidents from you while the procedure is being performed. A stressed mind makes skin tight or quickly tighten. This can make things complicated for the piercer to locate the right placement.
  3. Make sure your stomach is full and the mind is conditioned well. It will help you and the piercer to work together satisfyingly in the throughout the procedure.
  4. Eat well, rest and take deep breaths. It is also recommended not to take any type of medicine before the procedure. It may result in the body to react and result in any unfavorable allergic reaction to your body.


The procedure may involve the exposure of blood, biting, or bearable discomfort, but it is all well worth it. It is recommended to wear comfy cotton clothing and to stay clear of resting on your side once the bars are firmly attached. Wounding may be evident, but not on the severe side. At some point it will diminish and totally recover and you can happily show it off to your buddies of your new piercing and let them know how bravely you faced it. At the first indication of infection, the place changes in color and look (existence of yellow and white pus on the exit points). If that happens, you should instantly look for medical attention.

Like microdermal piercings, it usually takes three months to recover. Stay away from touching on or moving the ends of the small bar.

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