Belly Button Piercing Price

The belly button piercing price is not just based upon which outlet you are getting pierced. It also consists of what type of materials of the ring you used to get it done. Generally they have been manufactured from pure gold, sterling silver, or other metals and their alloys. This type of rings are usually encrusted with precious stones or jewels.

When you decide on getting a belly button piercing, it is highly recommended to have it completed by a qualified piercer. You should not not try to perform the piercing procedure on your own. This is because countless things would happen just to save a few bucks. For the most parts, you can have your piercing completed at a tattoo shop. This adds some costs to get the procedure done.

belly button piercing price

What Variables That Affects The Belly Button Piercing Price?

There are a variety of variables that affects the belly button piercing price. We are going to explained these variables below:

  1. The majority of piercers will have a price that is inclusive of the first jewelry. The jewelry pieces change in their monetary value based on material, the manufacturer and the kind of jewelry. Therefore, your decision will have a result in the overall price.
  2. The place of the beauty shop you visit also has an influence on the cost. Some places will have prices that are more than others. Places that have a higher competition usually have reasonable rates while locations without having much competitors are usually expensive. It is expected that bigger cities and places with higher population will be less expensive than those in rural areas and areas with little population. Prior to you get your piercings, do your online research.
  3. Other aspects that affects the price of belly button piercing include the skill of the piercer and if they are professionals in the location. Licensed piercers will usually be a bit more costly compared to unregistered ones. Though you spend a higher rate, these will operate in sanitary environments and are well worth every cent paid.
  4. Besides these basic elements influencing the price, there are various other additional costs. A piercer could suggest a few aftercare products for you. These may specify products which you will need to buy. It is also considered common to give a gratuity of in between five and fifteen percent.

All these elements will affect how much is a belly button piercing will be.

Cost Of Belly Button Piercing

Many people who want to get their navel pierced would want to know the cost of belly button piercing. Here are the general idea about how much it is.

Standard costs:

You could spend just about anywhere from $35-$ 60 to get a navel piercing, baseding on where you go. Typically, $45-$ 50 is rather common. If you choose a highly-recommended piercing professional, it’ll be well worth it to get them perform the procedure regardless of if it costs a little more.

What should be included:

The naval piercings should consist of the piercings, a piece of jewelry used, and guidelines for aftercare. Typical tongue piercings normally consist of either a nose stud or a nose ring as the jewelry.

Extra costs:

  • A 5% -15% gratuity for the piercer is fairly normal.
  • A piercer might suggest after-care products for faster healing. These includes sea-salt based solution, which is priced at $12 per 4 ounces per can.
  • Navel piercings jewelry is readily in the market and affordable. Usually, a belly button piercing jewelry costs $10-$ 30 for the majority of the pieces. Those with valuable gems are most likely to cost a little more.
  • For instance, some shops offer a selection of belly jewelry for $10-$ 18.

Search For Belly Button Piercings

Now you have decided to get your navel pierced,it is time to search for the belly button piercing. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for one.

  1. Geographic regions where there is higher competitors among piercers usually have lower costs. Generally, bigger regions with more piercers have lower prices than rural places. However, searching for the most affordable cost does not always mean it will be the most ideal service or the cleanest surroundings. When it concerns piercings, customers should have a good idea about the place safety and sanitation above looking for the best offer.
  2. Many shops give discount rates on second or third piercings performed in conjunction with the first. For instance, it costs $30 for the very first naval piercing and discounts $5 from the second $30 piercing.
  3. Laws about piercings are different by state. The Association of Professional Piercers monitor laws by state. The association also offers a searchable data source of members.
  4. Search for a piercer that runs in a hygienic conditions. Certificates of membership or from local health departments may be placed on walls.

Note: As mentioned earlier,you need to pay more if the piercer is experienced and skilled. It is worth to pay that extra money to get a better pierced. You should never think of getting the piercings done by your own. It can be very dangerous. You do not want to end up with more problems to save a few dollars.

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