Belly Button Piercing Healing

A question often asked by people who are going to get their navel pierced is about belly button piercing healing.

If in the end you choose to remove the piercing, you may be asking yourself how much time does it take for a belly button piercing to recover after taking it out? This is because you may be encountered by circumstances that require you to take out the ring.

Before doing this, be sure that this is what you prefer. If you are unsure, you can first go to a retainer jewelry before making up your mind. There is no specified timeline for the recovery and closure of the piercing. This is determined by the skin recovery capability and what phase of healing it was at throughout removal.

Although for some it might take a few days to close and a few more to toughen and recover fully, for some other it may take weeks. As soon as the healing ends, the spot gets covered with scar tissue.

belly button piercing healing

Belly Button Piercing Healing Process

Belly button piercing healing process requires between six and twelve months. The speed of recovery is based on how well it is taken care of. Proper after care will lead to fast and successful recovery. Since it is done within, knowing the phases included in the healing process can help show when the piercings are recovering.

With piercings, recovery happens from the outside in. This indicates that as soon as you get your belly button piercing, new skin cells will form around the outside of the pierced hole. These cells then go down the tunnel formed by piercing until everything gets covered. The symptoms of a healed piercing consist of the lack of redness, discomfort and lymph and the substitute of these with a smooth doughnut shaped hole on the rim. To obtain to this, the following stages of healing.

Inflammatory Stage

This is the first phase of the recovery process. This part oftens be a short one and the piercee is recommended to be very cautious when dealing with the piercings. You should enable the piercing to recover on itself and your duty is to just keep it clean to help quicken the process.

Here, the piercing is an open cut that is red, soft and itchy. It is also possible for it to inflammation and there might be production of a mild white discharge. The spot will also create a protective scab and the skin beneath may look lighter in color compared to the surrounding.

Since at this moment the wound is still new, expect some pain also. While these same symptoms are usually related to infections, they become part of the normal healing process and normal in the days following the piercings. Nevertheless, with time the symptoms should decrease. If the pain, discharge and inflammation increase, this could show an infection.

Throughout this stage, you should be thorough with the aftercare treatments. Use a light soap to clean the spot once in a day and soak it in a saline solution twice every day. Stay away from playing with the piercings and let the first ring stay undamaged. Avoid the piercing from direct exposure to dust and sweat. Put on loosened fitting clothing as tight ones could get trapped and aggravate the piercing cut.

Proliferative Stage

This is the second recovery phase and marks the second phase of the belly button piercing recovery phases. Like seen elsewhere in this post in our stages pictures, the recovery process gets in progress. The body creates new cells and proteins to change the damaged cells. The scab that had formed previously on will drop and new skin will appear. The skin starts feeling soft and increases thickness with time as the edges recover fully. In this second stage, you should proceed with the standard aftercare and make sure the wound is cleaned frequently. By the end of this phase, the piercing is considered nearly recovered.

Maturation Stage

In this last stage of the recovery process, the skin around the piercing recover. It builds up all the features of a common skins. This is enabled by production of tissues around the piercing which allow to strengthen it. Throughout the healing process, as long as the piercing is kept clean, it must also be kept dry. Make use of paper towels rather than fabric since the later includes the danger of transmitting bacteria which cause infections. Stay away from swimming as well as pools and water bodies consist of microorganisms that could cause infections.

Accelerate The Healing Process

Everybody who gets their navel pierced want to accelerate the healing process. Like seen previously, the piercing can require to a year to recover. To accelerate the process, there are a couple of things you should do. These are as listed here.

  1. In case your clothes keep bantering the spot, cover the spot with gauze and tape throughout the day and take it out in the evening so the piercings can breathe.
  2. If when you sit down your stomach folds and you are probably going to experience a pinch right after the piercing, go with curved barbells as your initial jewelry. These will help avoid you from pain, scars and constant inflammation which are connected with trauma on piercing. These extend the recovery process.
  3. Be patient. They do not recover quickly like some you might have had. Be persistent with the aftercare for quick healing.
  4. In case the healing process does not look as if it is progressing, consult with your medical doctor so the area could be examined. Do the exact same if you encounter swelling, discomfort, redness past the first stage and for prolonged period of time.
  5. Throughout this recovery process, it is essential that you keep the initial jewelry.You can consult with your piercer and ask if you can use tea tree oil or lavender oil to accelerate the recovery process. Allow them to demonstrate to you how to use the oils appropriately.

Signs Of A Healing Belly Button Piercing

signs of a healing belly button piercing

There are a few signs of a healing belly button piercing.

  1. When it is recovering, it is followed by indications like swelling, inflammation and a discharge. Where the discharge is excessive, it will create crusts around the jewelry. This is normal and provided that there is nothing out of the ordinary it means that the recovery process is going forward on well.
  2. The skin layer around the piercing stopping to become red or pink and becoming uniform with the surrounding skin. The lack of swelling can also be an indication that the piercing is recovered.
  3. In many cases, this can be observed by the ring looking larger than it normally is. The piercer always gives space for swelling when inserting the jewelry. In case you wish to modify your first jewelry and are not sure if you have recovered, get examined by your piercer to be sure.

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