Angel Bites Piercing

Angel bites piercing are a set of two piercings positioned on the both sides exactly above the upper lip. It is generally a combo of a Monroe and a Madonna.No one actually can determine what or exactly why this piercing is named as angel bites.It can be representing two angel’s teeth when biting. Considering the fact that it is constantly increase in popularity, we decided it is the moment to created a guide about it. You will learn what you’re getting involved in prior to you get the piercings carried out!

angel bites piercing

Angel Bites Piercing Cost

The standard angel bites piercing cost is between $50-$ 80. Piercing planet carries out this piercing for $70 with an affordable price of $59.90 if you get both piercing done all at once and an extra fee of $4.95 for a clear jewelry for your first piercing.

These prices usually vary from studio to studio and place to place. It also relies on what kind of jewelry you prefer. Always ask about costs prior to you ready to get the piercings, consisting of the initial change after swelling has decreased.

Angel Bites Piercing Procedure

While you can get the angel bites piercing procedure performed together or making two journeys to your piercer. It is highly suggested that you have them carried out separately to scale your effort and time to one each time throughout the recovery process. Since this kind of piercings are both dental and facial, the possibilities of having issues are also raised. Having the piercings completed separately may need more time to ensure that you can eventually make that fashion statement but it is much safer.

Like many body piercings, Angel Bites are performed utilizing hollow piercing needles. Never ever use a gun.

Each of the piercings are carried out in one sitting, like when you get snakebites. A different needle is used for each of the two piercings.

Just before sticking the needle through the skin, the piercer is going to use a marking pen to draw dot where the piercings will be pierced. They would then use a clamp to secure the lip in position. This allows to ensure the incision is clean and the skin does not get torn.

Once the customer is happy with the positioning of the piercings, the piercer will stick the needle through. Normally,it would be in a single motion.

If done properly, the entire procedure will end with very quickly. It will not feel much more painful compared to a simple pinch!

Do Not Pierce It Yourself

When it comes to getting it pierced,do not pierce it yourself. It is highly We do not support self-piercing due to health factors. Why anyone would prefer to do the procedure on their own while the price of getting the requirements is way sufficient to visit a professional. Doing a piercing on your own at home is extremely unsafe and leads you to infections and a lots of other issues.

It may be a little difficult clamping and attempting to get the best angle to ensure that you can prevent hitting vein or placing the jewelry so it will not hurt your teeth and gums. If you bent on doing this, the least you can do is determine ways to pierce your own angel bites properly. Sterility and hygiene are extremely essential.

Basically, Do not attempt to pierce yourself or your friend with no proper understanding of the body and experience.

Angel Bites Scars

Do you get angel bites scars after the procedure? All piercings causes you a scar. If you are worried about how large a scar your piercings will be, consult your piercer to choose a tiny gauge studs.

The hole will close after you choose to get rid of the jewelry and the scar will be less obvious. It is also essential to keep in mind that infections make the scars much bigger. To have your piercings recover healthy with no issues decreases the possibilities of scarring.

Angel bites scars vanish with time and somewhat blend in suitably with the color of your skin. Someone has to observe carefully to spot you have a scar.

Angel Bites Piercing Pain

Angel bites piercing pain is something you might be worry about. If a needle going through your skin,you will certainly feel the pain.

However, the level of pain baseds on how much you can tolerate. This is because people have different pain tolerance. It can be painless to one person may be torturous for others!

Generally speaking though,it is not the most painful. For the sake of comparison, it will hurt a bit more than bottom lip piercings. This is due to the skin is somewhat more dense than the bottom lip.

Bear in mind that getting 2 piercings. This will caused you to experience more pain.

Angel bites piercing pain similar to all other multiple piercings but the pain would be double.Therefore,we suggested that you should get it done one at a time.

We have countlessly had people ask whether or not piercings hurt on those online discussion forums. From what we know,people’s opinions makes piercings may sound more painful than they really are. If you really want to get it done, prepare your fears and get it done. The pain is manageable and will be completed before you know it.

Angel Bites Piercings Infection

Angel bites piercings infection are something you need to be aware of. It is a dental piercing. Therefore,the hazard of infection is somewhat higher than it normally would be.

Like we have mentioned previously, good oral hygiene helps stop anything nasty from occurring to your piercings.

There is also a possibility of oral damages if placed incorrectly. This can indicate gum erosion or chipped teeth. This is the reason to go to a qualified piercer.

While your piercings are recovering, you must be watch out for the following signs and symptoms:

  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • Bleeding
  • yellow colour discharge

If notice one of these signs, see your medical doctor or piercer as quickly as you can. Infection can be severe if you ignored it.

Let us know what your opinions and experience with angel bites piercing by commenting below! PiercingsAngel Bites Piercing,Angel Bites Piercing Cost,Angel Bites Piercing Pain,Angel Bites Piercing Procedure,Angel Bites Piercings Infection,Angel Bites Scars,Do Not Pierce It YourselfAngel Bites Piercing Angel bites piercing are a set of two piercings positioned on the both sides exactly above the upper lip. It is generally a combo of a Monroe and a Madonna.No one actually can determine what or exactly why this piercing is named as angel bites.It can be representing...It's all about different types of piercing that you will love.